Reading lenses in the TUSA Freedom Ceos scuba mask

Purchasing a scuba mask is often a new diver’s first gear purchase. For many divers, this is a quick and easy purchase. But for people with vision problems, it’s often a source of anxiety. They worry about not being able to clearly see the underwater marine wildlife, or not being able to read their computer and gauge.

If you wear contact lenses, you can safely wear these while diving. If you don’t wear contact lenses, or if you use reading glasses, your best option is corrective lenses in your scuba mask. Toronto Scuba Centre has amazing prescription mask options nearsightednessfarsightedness and reading. Read on to learn more.

Start with a great mask

A great prescription mask starts with a great frame. There are some companies that specialize in just prescription masks, but their masks are often sub-par or look like they’re from the 90s.

We prefer to sell masks from leading scuba mask companies like TUSA, who make the most comfortable and durable masks, and replace the standard lenses with corrective lenses to match your prescription. This ensures you have an amazing mask that will hold up for years (even decades).

Tusa Freedom Ceos

Our go-to mask for corrective lenses in the Tusa Freedom Ceos mask. This mask is classic 2-lens mask that fits most faces very well. It works for 99% of our divers who need corrective lenses. (It’s also one of our top-selling masks without corrective lenses.) We stock all the most common prescriptions for this mask, so you can usually walk away with your mask the same day. Best of all, the mask comes in a wide variety of colours!

Image showing 14 colour options for the TUSA Freedom Ceos scuba mask

Other Prescription Scuba Mask Options

For those who want a different mask, or for the 1% who don’t fit the Ceos nicely, TUSA also makes corrective lenses for the Paragon and Intega masks. Between these 3 masks, there’s something that is guaranteed to suit every diver.

Corrective lenses for nearsightedness (myopia)

Pair of TUSA MC-7500 corrective lenses for the Freedom Ceos mask

Nearsightedness (or myopia) is the most common case we see at Toronto Scuba Centre. This is represented by a prescription with negative diopters. Corrective lenses for the TUSA Ceos and Intega masks are available from -1.0 to -8.0, in increments of 0.5. For the TUSA Paragon, lenses are available from -1.5 to -6.0. Since lenses are sold individually, there’s no problem if your eyes have different prescriptions.

Toronto Scuba Centre stocks the Ceos lenses, and we can install them while you wait. You can even try them out before you leave the shop. (If you prefer the Intega or Paragon mask, we can order the lenses you require.)

Corrective lenses for farsightedness (hyperopia)

Farsightedness is much less common than nearsightedness. Regardless, the solution is similar. Corrective lenses for the TUSA Ceos and Intega masks are available from +1.0 to +4.5, in increments of 0.5. We don’t generally stock these lenses, but we’d be happy to order them for you.

Bifocal lenses for presbyopia

Pair of TUSA BF-7500 reading lenses for the Freedom Ceos prescription scuba mask

About half the population in their 40s or order find they need reading glasses or bifocals to focus on close objects. In the scuba world, this affects divers as they try to read their computer, their gauges, or observe small macro life close-up. Since we depend on our computer and gauges to stay safe in the water, reading lenses for scuba masks are essential.

Reading lenses are available for both the TUSA Freedom Ceos and the Tusa Intega, from +1.0 to +4.5. We stock the more common reading lens diopters for the Ceos, and for everything else, we can order it for you.

A few companies also offer stick-on reading lenses that you can glue inside any mask. However, we’ve found that these lenses are hard to install correctly and don’t have the same quality or clarity as the TUSA reading lenses.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to combine reading lenses with a lens for nearsightedness. If you are nearsighted and need reading glasses, your best option will be to use contact lenses to correct your nearsightedness, and get reading lenses for your mask.

If you have questions on a prescription scuba mask, simply send us an email! If you’d like to try on any of these masks, visit us at Toronto Scuba Centre. Our staff configure prescription masks on a daily basis, so they’re always eager to help.

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