The Toronto Scuba Centre is the only scuba training organization in the Greater Toronto Area to offer courses year-round, week-by-week, with the exception of holiday weekends. We do our best to make sure courses run regardless of numbers. To maintain the highest standards of training, course equipment, course consistency and the relationships with our training facilities, teaching staff and with PADI, we incur and commit to substantial costs. Cancellations and changes by customers are sometimes unavoidable and we understand that. In order to be able to continue to offer those high standards, however, it is necessary for some of those costs to be borne by the customer in the event of a cancellation or schedule change.

Refund Policy

The Toronto Scuba Centre will issue refunds in the following manner:

1) After signing up online, in-store or over the phone all courses are non-refundable regardless of circumstance. A student is welcome to postpone their course to a later date, subject to the administrative fees set out in this policy. Course payments are not interchangeable and cannot be substituted for in-store purchases.

2) Courses, course credits, or dive equipment purchased from Toronto Scuba Centre or the dive store that have not been redeemed by the student/client within 12 months of the course sign-up date or gear purchase date will cease to be redeemable and are not transferrable. If a portion of a course has been redeemed and the remainder is capable of being postponed, then the remaining portion must be completed within 12 months of the end of the initial completed portion.

3) All cancellations/postponements and/or moving fees will be subject to HST. 

4) Courses requiring multi-stage attendances (such as class & pool training and open water certification dives) that have a set course fee paid in one amount are not refundable in part if a student completes one portion of the course, but then is unable to complete the next portion of their course. Students are able to postpone the remaining portion of the course to a later date, however, this may be subject to that student completing a refresher if the postponement exceeds 12 months. The cost of that refresher will be determined at the time of the refresher and may either be the price of TSC’s “Refresher” course or a fee that reflects the costs borne by TSC. Money paid as the fee for one course is also not transferrable towards the cost of another course with TSC. Similarly, no partial refund will be available in the circumstances where two people sign up for a course using the buddy course fee and then either one of them is unable to complete the full requirements for that course.

5) Administrative Fee for Cancellation, postponement due to illness or schedule conflicts.
The Toronto Scuba Centre will charge an administrative fee to a customer under the circumstances described below, which shall be paid by the customer prior to the completion of their course. Failure to pay the administrative fee will result in the customer being removed from the scheduled course date or by Toronto Scuba Centre withholding documentation approving the completion of the course and receiving certification. The circumstances in which an administrative fee shall be charged are:

1) A failure to attend a course on the course date that the customer previously requested;
2) A failure to attend the entirety of a course on the course dates that the customer previously requested; and,
3) A change request by a customer that is less than 14 days from the date of their scheduled course.

The administrative fee charged for those circumstances described above will be $85. This fee is used to cover the high rental fees associated with facility rentals and instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for cancellations, postponement or changes within 7 days preceding the start of a course will be subject to an additional increased administrative fee, in addition to the administrative fee described above. At that point, the Toronto Scuba Centre will have to account for the instructor that has been secured for the course. This fee is $40 in addition to the standard $85 administrative fee.