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Why train with us?

  • Our pool, classroom and all dive equipment located at the beautiful Bishop Strachan School in Forest Hill.

  • Our world-wide referral program helps you book directly with our personally recommended dive partners.

  • Our retail store is located downtown just around the corner from MEC.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

For the remainder of 2021 we will only be using Cawthra pool for our in-pool training. Our regular pool located at BSS remains closed. Please note that following guidelines from the provincial government effective immediately all clients taking scuba lessons will be asked to provide proof of full vaccination in order to be allowed to take in-person scuba training. We apologize to anyone that feels excluded in any way due to this shift and any inconvenience this may cause at this time.

SCUBA Refresher Course Description

The number of certified divers in the world has grown tremendously in the past few years. Accessibility to dive resorts and dive centres offering dive excursions have also become more available. Because of this growth, dive operators are requiring that certified divers have a more consistent practice of diving and can show this through recently logged dives or a refresher course conducted within as little as the past 6 months. Refresher courses will indicate a diver has reviewed their scuba skills and refreshed their knowledge of diving. If you are travelling soon and need to show proof of diving this is the course for you. Divers who simply wish to keep up their practice can take a refresher course at any time.

Location 1 – The Bishop Strachan School

The Bishop Strachan pool is our regular downtown Toronto training pool for scuba refresher courses and has our most regular refresher course dates. Our equipment is housed at this location full time so the price is lower when taking your course here. Parking is available free of charge for those who drive. The Bishop Strachan School is within a 5 minute walk from St. Clair Avenue West subway station.

Location 2 – Cawthra Pool

Cawthra pool is located in Mississauga at 1305 Cawthra Rd L5G 4L1. Equipment for this location will be delivered by TSC. Parking is available free of charge for those who drive. Cawthra Pool is approximately 15 minutes drive west from downtown.

Location 3 – Etobicoke Olympium Aquatic Centre

The Etobicoke Olympium pool is a 17ft deep Olympic size pool in Toronto which is rented less frequently but a great option for practice and other courses that benefit from deeper water. Students taking a course here will pay a slightly higher fee which will cover the delivery and return of all dive equipment.

What You Will Learn

Students will learn how to set up and break down their dive equipment, pre-dive safety checks, deep water entry, mask, regulator, buoyancy, descents, safety ascents and self-rescue scenarios. Students will also be guided through personal fitting of dive gear, use and understanding of a dive computer if they have one.

Course Includes

The TSC refresher course includes BCD, regulators, tanks and weights. The rental of mask, fins and snorkel is available if required*.

*For the Etobicoke Olympic pool or Cawthra pool sessions, students who wish to rent wetsuits, masks, fins and snorkels must be fitted at the shop in advance of the course.