I was a teenager and my parents insisted that I choose something to occupy my time during the summer.  I gave countless hours of thought to choosing something I would enjoy and keep them happy.   In the end, I chose to become an open water certified diver.  I admit this took them by surprise, but at the same time, I think they were not surprised at all.  You see, I was a water baby.  That’s to say that my parents had me in the water since the age of 6 months old, no joke!.  Even though at that age it’s basically just floating, I feel like it has led me to the most amazing, free, and adventurous activity that I could have ever have imagined…  SCUBA Diving!

For me, it is like I am in an extraterrestrial world and nothing else matters.  I am completely separated from everything and completely focused on my environment and the gear that is keeping me safe.  Everything else just falls away. No matter what you encounter on a dive it always ends the same way … with wanting to get back in the water.

Have you ever been at one with wild dolphins, oceanic manta rays, gigantic whale sharks, or even a hawksbill sea turtle chomping on some coral in the wild … There is nothing that can compare!!

If this sounds exciting to you and you want to explore more, try out our Discover Scuba Diving course or PADI’S first certification; Open Water SCUBA Diver.  With our extremely qualified staff of instructors, you won’t find a better training facility than Toronto Scuba Centre.

Join us and become … adventure!!

James Giroux (Divemaster TSC)


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