Dive into Bonaire

Scuba Getaway is heading to the Plaza Beach and Dive Resort in Bonaire for the first time!


Meet your SG trip leader: Meghan

My name is Meghan (most people call me Meg or Megs) and I am the SG trip lead for this Scuba Getaway adventure to Bonaire. I personally have never been to Bonaire, but its always been a destination on my list so I am very excited to explore it with this group of divers.

For those that don’t know me – I started diving in 2012 and have been an instructor for 5 years now. I teach for TSC on the weekends and I am responsible for booking all of our SG trips. I am a veteran Scuba Getaway traveller, having travelled to Egypt, Galapagos, Indonesia, Roatan and Cayman Islands with some fantastic dive groups. I studied Marine & Freshwater Biology in school which makes me a huge fish nerd, I love fish ID and finding all the creatures underwater. I’ll try my best to provide you with fun fish facts. Excited to explore this new destination with you all <3


Why dive in Bonaire?

This is what I know about Bonaire and some reasons why I chose this location for our trip:

  • Bonaire is a year-round diving destination also known as the “divers paradise”, with warm clear blue waters, it is known for best in class shore diving and superior visibility.
  • The Bonaire National Marine Park has over 60 official dive sites accessible by shore or boat spanning over 6,700 acres. There are a few shipwrecks and the famous salt pier to dive and explore.
  • The reef that encircles Bonaire and Klein Bonaire is populated with colourful coral, sponges and hundreds of species of fish, from queen angels, spotted drum (obsessed with these), french grunts, barracuda, scorpionfish, lionfish, turtles, squid, all varieties of eels, spotted trunkfish, snapper, grunts, tiny frogfish, seahorses and even eagle and manta rays.
  • The Plaza Beach and Dive Resort is the only all-inclusive resort on the island and only a 5 minute drive from the airport.
  • Toucan Diving is an onsite dive shop at the resort, voted one of the Best Operators in the Caribbean for best overall dive operator, quality of staff and quality of facilities. Their onsite dive boats will be taking us on our diving adventures straight from the resort!

What am I packing in my dive bag? 

Here are the essential things I always pack for a trip – breaking it down from dive gear to just things I have on the dive boat. Most of these things can be purchased from the TSC shop.

Dive Gear

  • Stahlsac Steel Dive Bag: This is the main gear bag I pack everything in for travel.
  • Akona Mesh Bag: I leave my travel bag in my room for the duration of the trip and put everything I need to take on and off the boat into a mesh bag.
  • Zeagle Zena BCD: This is my favourite BCD of all time. The adjustable side straps and front zipper make it as snug as you want and super comfortable for women. It also has replaceable panels on the front so you can switch up the colour which is so fun.
  • Cressi Frog Plus Fins – in pink: I have had these fins for 10+ years and they are still in great condition and very comfortable with the Mares booties. They are lightweight but strong, perfect for any level of diver.
  • Mares 5mm Booties: These feel soft to wear and are easy to get on and off, what else could you ask for. I prefer the 5mm over the 3mm for extra warmth.
  • Scubapro Trinidad Mask – in pink: PETER DON’T READ THIS. It’s my fav mask. The TSC shop doesn’t carry Scubapro products, I bought this from another shop. This is a blasphemous entry to this list, but the mask is just the cutest and the most comfortable for me.
  • Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer: This is my original dive computer,  I still use it as a backup computer. It’s easy to read underwater with a large number display.
  • Suunto Novo dive computer and integrated transmitter: My recent computer upgrade came with an integrated air transmitter but I still take both computers with me on a dive.
  • Aqualung Regulators: This is another item I have had since I started diving, still in great condition after 10+ years.
  • Henderson 3mm wetsuit: Henderson keeps it classy with an all black design and are super comfortable. I always wear a full length suit because I want to protect my skin from scrapes or stings underwater.
  • Fourth Element Long Sleeved Thermocline Swimsuit: It’s considered a swimsuit but I treat it more as a wetsuit. It has long sleeves and provides 2mm of warmth. Useful for snorkelling or sometimes I can layer it under a wetsuit if I get cold.

Other Dive Accessories

  • GoPro Hero 10:  I use it with a waterproof GoPro case and extendable arm.
  • Neoprene Mask Strap: These mask straps are so much more comfortable than the rubber ones that come with your mask. It’s SO worth buying and not having your hair constantly tangled up.
  • Defog SprayThe boats usually have some provided but always good to carry your own.
  • Rash guard: I like to have it for an extra layer, and it helps a wetsuit slide on easier.
  • Whale Shark Socks: Dive socks that help the booties slide on easier.
  • Noise rattle (also pink): To get divers attention under water.
  • SMB & Reel: Essential safety equipment, every buddy pair should have a set.
  • Underwater Flashlight: For night dives.
  • Fish ID Flashcards: As previously mentioned I love Fish ID so I always have some kind of cards or book with me

Boat Items

  • Lualoha Towel: I never thought I would have such affectionate feelings towards a towel but its quick drying and light, perfect for the dive boat. I am obsessed with it.
  • Sea Safe SunscreenLet’s be mindful of protecting the reef, the store carries reef safe sunscreen.
  • A wet brush & leave in conditioner: I immediately soak my hair in leave in conditioner and brush it with a wet brush after a dive.
  • Hair Scrunchies: I tie my hair up in a soft scrunchie rather than an elastic which prevents it from getting knotted.


Honourable mention:

  • I don’t take this on the dive boat but always on a trip: Stream2Sea Shampoo and Conditioner which is 100% biodegradable. Most resorts have a water system which flows directly into the ocean so this way we can keep the chemicals out of the environment 🙂


See you underwater soon dive buddies,


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