Dive computer on a scuba diver's wrist over a Bare Evoke wetsuit

Dive Computer Battery Change

TSC offers battery change services for most brands of dive computers and transmitters, including Suunto, Oceanic and Mares.

Battery change service includes replacing the battery, inspecting and lubricating o-rings, and pressure testing.

Our pressure testing process ensures the watertightness of the computer after the battery change, and ensures proper functioning of the computer, including proper depth sensing.

Please allow 1 business day so we can perform proper pressure testing.


What models of dive computers do you service?

We service almost all models of dive computers with replaceable batteries. The most popular dive computers that we see on a daily basis for battery changes include:

  • Suunto Zoop
  • Suunto Zoop Novo
  • Suunto Vyper
  • Suunto Vyper Air
  • Suunto Vyper Novo
  • Suunto D4i
  • Oceanic Geo
  • Mares Puck
  • Mares Puck Pro
  • Mares Smart

Can I buy a battery/battery kit?

No, we do not sell batteries or battery kits. Replacement batteries are provided as part of our battery change service, which also includes pressure testing and guarantees the battery has been installed correctly.

Battery changes are expensive.

Battery changes do increase the lifetime cost of a dive computer. Luckily, modern dive computers like all Shearwater models use built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries with wireless chargers, or user-replaceable AA batteries, saving you money over the long run.