Scuba Air Fills

TSC is your source for scuba air fills in downtown Toronto! Our state-of-the-art compressor can fill high-pressure scuba cylinders up to 5,000 PSI. We fill to your cylinder’s service pressure.

Cylinders must be within hydro (5 years), have an evidence of inspection sticker (VIS) from a recognized dive centre dated within the last year, and show no sign of damage or fire exposure.

For optimal fills, drop off your cylinder so we can fill, let it cool, and top it off to service pressure. But we’re also happy to fill while you wait.

Visual Inspection

All scuba tanks require a visual cylinder inspection annually. TSC performs visual cylinder inspection in-house, following the PSI/PCI 18-step protocol.

If no issues are found, we apply a new evidence of visual inspection sticker and fill your cylinder. If we find any issues, we’ll discuss remediation options.

Requires 2-3 business days.

Hydrostatic Testing

Cylinders require hydrostatic testing every 5 years by Canadian law. We work with off-site partners for hydrostatic cylinder testing.

This testing can take 4-8 weeks to complete (especially during the summer), so we recommend dropping off cylinders during the winter months so they’re ready for our summer diving season.

After hydro, cylinders are returned with a new visual inspection sticker and air fill.

Scuba cylinders


Do you offer Nitrox fills?

At this time, we do not offer Nitrox fills. Only compressed air.

Do you fill Spare Air cylinders?

Yes, we can fill Spare Air and HEED 3 cylinders if you provide the refill adapter. Cylinders larger than 2.25” in diameter must have a hydrostatic test date within the last 5 years and a visual inspection sticker dated within the last year. We can perform the visual inspection if the cylinder is within hydro.