Regulator Servicing Course

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  • Price: $ 129.00 CAD

Why train with us?

  • Our pool, classroom and all dive equipment located at the beautiful Bishop Strachan School in Forest Hill.

  • Our world-wide referral program helps you book directly with our personally recommended dive partners.

  • Our retail store is located downtown just around the corner from MEC.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

Course Description

The TSC Regulator Servicing course allows students to learn the fundamentals of servicing their own regulators.

This course is conducted over 2 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 10pm.

What You Will Learn

Students will begin by learning how a regulator system works; what the changes in pressure are from the tank through the first and second stages into a breathable pressure for the divers use. Students will learn the difference between diaphragm and piston first stages and how a first stage works. How a second stage primary and alternate air source work. What is a venturi and what does it do. Students will learn a complete disassembly of their regulators, the cleaning of the metal parts using an ultrasonic cleaner and complete re-assembly ready for use. Students will learn how to tune their regulators for warm and cold water diving and discuss the benefit of environmentally sealed regulators. Students will have the chance to use specific tools required for regulator servicing.


The TSC Regulator Servicing Course fee includes use of the TSC facility, Instruction, tools, Ultrasonic Cleaner and full regulator set if a student does not have their own. The course is conducted at the TSC Retail Centre downtown Toronto over two evenings.


Whilst the Regulator Servicing Course is very beneficial and will help students develop a deeper understanding of their regulator system and solve potential issues they may experience whilst away diving, this course does not certify students as technicians. Students are encouraged to continue to employ the expertise of an authorized technician to service their equipment.