Enriched Air


Enriched Air eLearning Information

Dear Diver, as a requirement for all elearning courses, TSC is required to get the following details from you to help expedite the certification process. Please fill in the boxes below for ALL the registered participants.

This course teaches you how to dive using enriched air (also known as “Nitrox”), a different air mix which allows a diver to extend their bottom time beyond the limits that breathing regular air allows. This course teaches Enriched Air up to 40% mix.

This course ONLY requires classroom education and does not require any open water dives, however, we do encourage students to dive with us when diving with Enriched Air, Nitrox, for the first time for practice.

Students who take this course are encouraged to join us at Gulliver’s Lake, Brockville, or on any TSC International Dive Trip for practice.

This course is available through our e-Learning programme. Please call to schedule after purchasing the course.