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The O’Neill Psycho I ZEN Zip Wetsuit is a team inspired high performance wetsuit. Built with ultra gooey TechnoButter 2 Neoprene and ultra-minimal seam styling the Psycho I has insane flexibility, fit and warmth. The ZEN Zip back entry minimizes water entry along the zipper and makes getting in and out of your suit a snap. Offering unrestricted mobility, enhanced durability and incredible fit, this suit is a favorite for the competitive surfer. The Psycho I will raise your performance level to new heights.

Product Features

  • Technobutter 2 Neoprene: Advanced super stretch neoprene, 20% lighter, 30% less water absorption with improved durability and quick dry properties
  • Single Fluid Seam Weld: Watertight Stitchless Technology that keeps water from entering at all seams and critical points
  • Double Super Seal Neck: A toasty warm two-layer design featuring a 360 smooth skin interior lining, wide adjustability and a secure lock down.
  • Z.E.N. Zip Closure System: Pullover internal seal that blocks out water for maximum warmth. Water that penetrates the Z.E.N. Collar or Short Zip is blocked by the Barrier-2 and forced out the Drain Hole.
  • Super Seal Cuffs: Fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending creating the best seal ever. The low profile prevents water entry and improves durability in your wrist and ankles.
  • Super Minimal Seam Design: Minimal seam design for greater flexibility and mobility.
  • Krypto Knee Padz: Abrasion resistant, high stretch neoprene panel with ergonomic shaping designed to extend the life of the wetsuit and protect the knee while punching through waves.
  • External Key Pocket: Located along the lower leg inseam, this key pocket is easy to access and completely secure.
  • Plasma Wrist and Ankle Seals: Helps prevent flushing through the wrists and ankles and keeps a secure fit.
  • Contortionist Seamless Shoulders: Seamless shoulder panels for unrestricted mobility and ultimate stretch.
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones: An ergonomic, seamless undersleeve panel that allows for unrestricted motion and eliminates rashing.
Size Height Weight Chest Waist
2XS 5′6″-5′8″ 115-130 lbs 32.5-34.5″ 27-29″
XS 5′7″-5′9″ 125-140 lbs 34.5-36.5″ 28-30″
S 5′8″-5′10″ 135-155 lbs 36.5-38.5″ 29-31″
ST 6′0″-6′2″ 145-165 lbs 36.5-38.5″ 29-31″
M 5′9″-5′11″ 150-170 lbs 38.5-40.5″ 30.5-32.5″
MS 5′6.5″-5′8.5″ 140-160 lbs 38.5-40.5″ 30.5-32.5″
MT 6′1″-6′3″ 160-180 lbs 38.5-40.5″ 30.5-32.5″
L 5′10″-6′0″ 170-190 lbs 40.5-42.5″ 32.5-34.5″
LS 5′7.5″-5′9.5″ 160-180 lbs 40.5-42.5″ 32.5-34.5″
LT 6′2″-6′4″ 180-200 lbs 40.5-42.5″ 32.5-34.5″
XL 5′11′-6′1″ 190-210 lbs 42.5-44.5″ 34.5-36.5″
XLS 5′8.5″-5′10.5″ 180-200 lbs 42.5-44.5″ 34.5-36.5″
XLT 6′3″-6′5″ 200-220 lbs 42.5-44.5″ 34.5-36.5″
2XL 6′0″-6′2″ 210-230 lbs 44.5-46.5″ 36.5-38.5″
3XL 6′0″-6′2″ 230-250 lbs 47.5-49.5″ 38.5-43.5″