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Divers : Please note that TSC now offers Refresher courses in 2 locations. You are viewing the course at the BSS. We also offer a course at the Olympic Pool.

Do you remember how to put your equipment together? Do you remember how much weight you need or how to equalize? Do you have some great new equipment that you want to get comfortable with? If you have any of these types of issues, then a refresher course is definitely a good choice for you.

Another great reason for taking a refresher course is because we all know that wanting to get back in the water shouldn’t take up your time and money on your holiday. Not only is it expensive, but it’s a day less enjoying your vacation. So why take up that precious holiday time when you can take a quick refresher course before you leave!

Our refresher courses are run over one single session of 1 – 2 hours depending on your requirements and are offered during every Toronto Scuba Centre pool session. We want to get you back in the water as quickly as possible and this is how you do it.

We will sign your logbook to show that you have recently completed a refresher course and are ready for the water.

If you see anything listed below that you feel you would like to work on then a refresher course is for you:

  • Equipment assembly/disassembly
  • Descents and Ascents – Equalization
  • Buoyancy skills and correct weighting for salt or fresh water
  • Mask skills
  • Emergency Scenarios
  • Help with new or existing dive equipment including wetsuits and drysuits
  • Planning dives with your buddy and using dive tables or computers
  • Reminder of how fun Scuba is!!

BUDDY SPECIAL: You and a buddy want to get ready for that upcoming vacation? Sign the two of you up for the Buddy Refresher course and save up to $90!

Be safe, be confident and be refreshed!

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