PPB & Nitrox Special


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PPB & Nitrox Special: A special combination class that will include three course dates. Special includes one Nitrox night course at Bishop Strachan School, Part One of PPB at Bishop Strachan School, and Part Two of PPB at the Etobicoke Olympium.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Course:

A two-part course in a 17-feet deep pool over two weeks.

The best way to increase the length of a dive, save energy and make the most of your diving is to perfect your buoyancy skills. This course helps you polish your buoyancy skills gained from your open water or advanced courses. Although it is not mandatory, students who have their own equipment benefit in this course by carefully examining their buoyancy skills and needs in relationship to their own personal equipment setup.

Nitrox [Enriched Air]:

This course teaches you how to dive using enriched air (also known as “Nitrox”), a different air mix which allows a diver to extend their bottom time beyond the limits that breathing regular air allows. This course teaches Enriched Air up to 40% mix.

February Schedule: TBA

Part 1/2 PPB @ 9:00am @ Bishop Strachan School

Nitrox @ 7:00pm @ Bishop Strachan School

Part 2/2 PPB @ Etobicoke Olympium

Dates to be determined.