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Dear Diver, as a requirement for all elearning courses, TSC is required to get the following details from you to help expedite the certification process. Please fill in the boxes below for ALL the registered participants.

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This is the first half of your certification and is conducted over one weekend. Completing this course fulfills the requirements for half of your scuba diving training and certification.

The Open Water Class and Pool course prepares you for the open water environment by successfully guiding you through all the necessary theory and practical knowledge you need to dive to a depth of 60 feet (18 metres) anywhere in the world. You will learn the basic principles behind the sport of diving, become familiar with scuba diving equipment and learn how to plan your dives. To gain certification students need to complete 4 Open Water Certification dives.

Students can complete the academic component of this course either in a classroom setting or online by choosing the eLearning option. Students who choose eLearning will only be scheduled for the in-pool training. Students who prefer a classroom environment will have reading materials mailed to them ahead of time. The classroom component is scheduled both mornings before entering the pool. Students who choose the eLearning option will need to purchase a logbook from TSC as PADI does not supply this item for the course.
Learn more about eLearning to see if it is a fit for you.

If you want to take your open water certification dives in a warm water setting, completing the academic component and in-pool training of your course will save you doing this on your holiday.

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