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Fun Divers

Already certified, but want to join us on one of our Brockville weekends for 5 fun dives?

As an advanced diver you have been certified to the depth required for these weekends. Certified divers however are not required to have a dive guide but Brockville can feel challenging to most divers and our experienced dive team is a mandatory service that is provided to keep you safe, offer dive advice and give you critical dive briefings over the weekend. As a dive guide will be supplied to you, from the drop down menu you will only need to decide if you need to rent your dive gear as an addition. 

Toronto Scuba Centre charters the boat we will dive from in Brockville. The charter company will provide all the tanks and weights you need for diving and also be responsible for filling and loading your tanks onto the boat. They will also provide lunch to you both days which is typically a barbecue on the boat. The charter company does not provide dive guides who can lead you. TSC Instructors or Divemasters who are insured and have been trained on the dive sites are provided for you automatically. The charter fee this year, which is collected by the charter company is $379.96 including taxes. This is not a TSC fee. These fees are payable on the weekend and to the charter company directly for their service. The fees charged by TSC on this page refer only to Equipment rental and provision of your dive guide.

Please note that mask, fins and snorkels are not available to rent on these weekends, divers must have their own for these trips. Regulators, BCD and Dive Computers come as a full package and are supplied in a Roller Bag which you can pick up from the store before you head to Brockville.