Drift Diver


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Learn to glide along on a gentle drift dive where the current does the work for you. This course teaches you the skills and techniques to safely and comfortably float along on your drift dive.

This course is available in Brockville or on select TSC International Dive Trips. Students are required to have their own surface marker buoy.

Please note that snorkels, masks, fins and wetsuits are not included in the course costs available below.  Should you not have your own snorkels, masks and fins or wetsuits, then these items can be rented from the Toronto Scuba Centre.  Our rental prices occasionally vary, however, the standard price for renting snorkel, mask and fins (or any part thereof) is $25 per course.  Similarly, our standard price for wetsuit rental is $20 for 3 mm shorty wetsuits and $40 for 7mm wetsuits.  Outside of the Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, 7mm wetsuits are not available for pool use.