Digital Underwater Photography


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There’s only one way to get good at underwater photography, and that’s to go diving and take lots of pictures. Photography is an art, but it is also a skill, and like any skill it takes time to develop your abilities.

The Toronto Scuba Centre is excited to help you capture those wonderful underwater moments by introducing you to the world of digital underwater photography.

The TSC Introduction to Underwater Digital Photography course is designed to help you get good results easily, even if you’ve never used a camera before. This is why, for your basic course you will be provided with the latest underwater Canon camera to learn the basic underwater techniques to help you to achieve natural looking photographs.

Have you ever wondered what all the different program modes on a camera mean? When is the best time to use the flash? What is my best position to get the best lighting on my subject? How can I make those quick adjustments to make my picture better? How can I try to capture with my camera what I see with my eye so that I can share my experience with my friends and family? All these questions and more will be covered in the TSC Introduction to Underwater Digital Photography course, and your training camera is included.

For those of you who have already purchased your own camera and are looking for a great introduction course, we certainly want you to get the most out of your purchase but your first course will be delivered using the Canon camera we supply. Once you have completed the basic course we will then be happy for you to bring your camera to a future session or to enroll in the advanced digital underwater photography course to develop your skills and learn more.

The structure of the TSC digital underwater photography course is as follows. Class sizes are limited to 6 participants per course. Timing of courses may vary due to the available pool time. The actual times listed below are a guide only, the classroom portion may start later. The course will however be completed in a single day.


9am until 2pm at BSS
Classroom and Knowledge – Getting familiar with my camera, getting ready to take pictures.


17ft Etobicoke Olympium Pool – Deep End – 2 Hours
(Scuba equipment is needed for the pool and can be rented from TSC if required)

Pool Session and Practice

Practice with your own personal Canon camera at the Etobicoke Olympium Pool. Specific objects will be placed in the pool to be used for photographic purposes. Students, guided by the instructor, will be tasked to create a portfolio of pictures that will resemble real dive-like situations.

Feedback and Advice

After your pool session your instructor will upload your pictures to a private page on the TSC website where you can gain access and view your pictures. Your instructor will then email you with feedback on your work and offer advice on how to further improve your pictures.


Congratulations. You are now set to go on that dive trip and start capturing memories of your dive trip.

The TSC Photography courses includes:

  • Classroom led instructor session 9am – 2pm
  • Canon D30 Underwater Camera and SD Card
  • Entrance fee to the Etobicoke Olympium Pool
  • Tank and Weights

The TSC Photography course does not include – BCD, Regulators, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Wetsuit