Certification Dives
Trial Run


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For some new divers the Open Water Certification dives can feel a little intimidating and challenging. It is also possible that there has been a delay since the pool training. A refresher of the skills therefore makes perfect sense. At TSC we believe there is nothing better than practice and this course is a great opportunity for those divers who are about to take their Open Water Certification dives to run through their skills and feel comfortable moving toward the open water environment.

Are you going away and not doing your certification here in Canada? That’s fine too. Did you know that the PADI Open Water Certification dives are standard worldwide so this course will prove hugely beneficial in preparing you for your dives and knowing exactly what to expect.

If you have any of the following questions or concerns then this course is right for you.

  • Will I remember all those skills when my Instructor asks me to perform them in Open Water?
  • I’m a little concerned about my mask skills and buoyancy skills, I’ve only ever done them in a shallow pool.
  • My ears hurt did hurt a little bit even in the pool, can I equalize properly in deeper water?
  • I don’t remember how much weight I need, how will I know what to ask for?
  • I’m excited to use my new mask, fins and snorkel but haven’t been able to try them yet.
  • I still feel a little uncomfortable with Scuba but didn’t tell my instructor, I am a little worried about my Open Water dives.
  • I feel really comfortable with my skills so is this course still a good choice for me?
  • Will I pass, do people ever fail?

There are many reasons why new divers have concerns progressing to an Open Water environment. The list above represents only a few common questions. Our course is designed for everyone and will give every student more confidence moving toward the Open Water dives. Students who have trained through other facilities are also welcome to join. There is nothing better than practice.

The Open Water Diver Trial Run is available all-year round with TSC. Divers are required to bring their logbooks to show completion of the class and pool/elearning and pool course.

All students will be supplied with the following items: