Advanced Open Water Course


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Open Water Divers who want to continue growing in their newfound passion, gain experience and learn skills beyond those from the Open Water certification can do so by becoming Advanced Open Water Divers, AOW. The AOW course increases your confidence, improves your knowledge of dive equipment, diving procedures and general diving theory. Obtaining the AOW certification also means that you will be certified to dive to 100 feet (30 metres).

Over one weekend you will enjoy five specialty dives, each one focusing upon a unique skill. Two of those new skills are mandatory, deep diving and advanced navigation, the remaining three are taken from the wide range of available specialties!

Where do we go?

The St. Lawrence River has been a pivotal shipping route for hundreds of years. Naturally, with such a long maritime history there are wonderful shipwrecks to investigate. The Gananoque area of the St. Lawrence, in particular, abounds with shipwrecks at all depths. What better place to continue to grow in your newfound passion?
Think the water is too cold? During the summer months, the water temperature here reaches up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24º C) and visibility can exceed 60 feet (18m).

Toronto Scuba Centre charters the boat that you will be diving from in Brockville. The charter company will provide all tanks and weights you need for diving and also be responsible for filling and loading your tanks onto the boat. They will also provide lunch to you both days which is typically a barbecue on the boat. The charter fee for each diver is $379.96 which includes taxes. This is not a TSC fee. These fee are payable on your weekend and must be paid directly to the charter company. The fee that you are paying to Toronto Scuba Centre is for your AOW instruction which will include your materials, dedicated dive instructor and your advanced diver certification card. The choice to rent the dive equipment you need is available when making your selection.

Please note that mask, fins and snorkels are not available to rent on these weekends, divers must have their own for these courses. Regulators, BCD and Dive Computers come as a full package and are supplied in a Roller Bag which you can pick up from the store before you head to Brockville.

Fun Divers

Already certified, but want to join us on one of our Brockville weekends for some fun dives? Sign up as a Fun Diver here!